Our Best Sneakers of Summer 2019

Aug 8th 2019

Ever wonder why they call certain shoes Sneakers? “The name "sneakers" originally referred to how quiet the rubber soles were on the ground, in contrast to noisy standard hard leather sole dress shoes. Someone wearing sneakers could “sneak up” on someone while someone wearing standards could not.” Below we have listed our top 3 sneakers of 2019!


These leopard print shoes make the jungles of your local shops rawr with jealousy as you walk down the street in these hot slip on sneakers! Rock them in some jeans with a white top and watch the other lions begin to prowl!


These classic sneakers are great for anywhere any time. With the mesh upper and rubber bottom you can have comfort in all the places you go!


These snakeskin print high top sneakers are the type you can sneak upon everyone with by simply wearing them! Imagine being the only person at the party with these on because they’re so rare! Use the zipper to strap on these bad girls and make the necks break in awe.

If you want to stand out from the crowd without needing to sit down because your feet hurt from the uncomfortable nature of heels then try our best sneakers so you can “sneak up” on comfort. Visit our site today and make a selection!