What To Do With Your Best Friend

Sep 9th 2019

Your best friend is the girl who is there for you when you need her. She was there for your last break up and she will be there when you get married, so it’s important to spend time and have experiences together. In this blog, we will share the top 3 things you should do with your bestie!

1. Go shopping for shoes

This is an obvious one right here because there is nothing that bonds people more together than buying matching clothes and shoes together. The next time you two hang out make it a day to go shopping for a new pair of shoes. Check out our new arrivals like the REBE-93 or QUASAR-93 sneakers. If you want something a little less causal then check out our HAVANA-92 T-bar sandals which have a stacked heel that measures approximately 3 inches geometric laser-cut synthetic leather upper. We have the perfect shoes to bring you two closer together!

2. Go to the movies

The movies bring people together by giving you a plot and characters that make you become attached to the outcome. Next time you have free time with your best friend go and see a movie that you know will create some emotions because the more emotion in the movie the more you’ll associate those emotions to your friend which will bond you two together better than ever.

3. Spa Day

There’s nothing quite like a spa day. When you get to spend time relaxing with your friend without a need to get anything done or accomplish a task it creates more femininity for women. If you get to bond by spending time at the spa together then you get the ultimate cleanse back into your femininity because you can become one with your body again and be less focused on the outcome or task ahead. Schedule a pampering session with your girl asap!

Your best friend is the person you do everything with including shopping (for ShuShop shoes of course), to go to the spa with, and the watch a movie together. Doing these things will ensure you not only bond together to create a stronger friendship but they will also make sure you feel better and more confident. It’s a win-win!

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